Phoebe Lodge can be booked for any length of stay (minimum 3 nights/maximum one month) with guests arriving on any day of the week. Please see separate page for tariffs. It may be useful to bear in mind:

  • It's wise to check the CalMac ferry timetable on www.calmac.uk before booking
  • Colonsay is very quiet during the CalMac winter season (late October to late March), when ferries are scheduled just 4 days a week. The hotel is closed, as are most businesses except the village store and The Pantry café/restaurant, which are open for restricted hours
  • If you are interested in visiting Oronsay it is best to arrange your stay to coincide with the time of the new or full moon, when tidal conditions for crossing the sands are optimal. There are regular 'no go' spells of a few days when the crossing cannot be made. Details of safe crossing times are available locally


Change over day: Flexible